Hi. My name is Sarah. Welcome to my blog. (I’ve had blogs before. I have since deleted them as they have caused me Excessive Amounts Of Cringe.)

As you may have gathered, I’m a writer. I have been writing, in some form or fashion, since I learned how to write. (I was about four.) I have always wanted to write books and I have never seriously considered any other career option.

This has led to Awkward Situations, such as my inability to find a bill-paying job. (This blog is not a bill-paying job. I freely admit that I am starting a blog again because I need nice things to pad my resume, but I do enjoy blogging when I’m doing it regularly.)

Hopefully, this will kind of… uh… Document My Path To Success? If I force myself to stick to a regular schedule, that is.

Oh, you have questions? Sorry, and here I go on about how terrible I am at blogging. Uh, yes. You there, in the back.

Who are you and why do I care about this? Well, you probably don’t. (Please stay. I’m begging you.) I’m a Hopelessly Romantic writer with a BA in English from Brigham Young University, an Overactive Imagination, and crippling social anxiety and depression.

Oh, you’re one of THOSE bloggers. Yes. What’s wrong with that? Each person has a unique experience with their mental illnesses and deals with them differently. I deal with mine by being very honest about my experiences and also by making Terrible and Tasteless Jokes. (Trust me, if you stick around long enough, you will experience this.)

Who are these people you’re talking about in your posts? They are Mostly Real ones. Knowing me, probably my family and… uh, my family. (I don’t have friends.)

Why do you Randomly Capitalize words? Mostly for Comedic Effect, but also to describe the observable and repeatable phenomena of my self-expression occurring frequently in Everyday Life.

I’m sure you have other questions. Feel free to email me at, or you can tweet me at sadINFJwriter.




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