Oh, No, Here We Go Again

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m addicted to blogging.

Actually, that is a sad, sad lie. Anyone who actually has seen my previous blogs knows that I’m terrible at blogging. I make ten posts in one week and then I don’t post for three years. It’s quite ridiculous and I would not be surprised if any of you made a point of not reading this blog because of how infrequently I have updated blogs in the past.

Before I completely dissuade you from following, let me just say that I have a Plan. It is a Very Important Plan and it is going to do nothing but good for this blog.

Step 1: Use WordPress instead of Blogger or Tumblr. I read about fifty different blogs that told me I should do this. I have greatly enjoyed both of those sites, but there are apparently more people on WordPress. Blogger was lovely and I got very good at using it, but I kind of hate everything I’ve done with it. And Tumblr… I have enjoyed my time there, but it was quicksand or an addiction: easy to get into, very difficult to get out of.

Step 2: Create a weekly posting schedule. In order to give myself time to think of cool ideas for posts, I’m going to make myself stick to posting Twice Per Week. Right now I’m thinking Sundays for sure— I generally have more time on Sundays and I also tend to be more contemplative after I’ve gone to church. I also like Thursdays because I have therapy on Thursday mornings and I’m always more self-aware after a therapy session.

Step 3: Self-promote. As much as I hate, hate, hate self-promotion, I’m going to have to do it. There will be tags and categories, and there will be “follow me on Twitter and Instagram” and “please check back on Sunday and Thursday for new content” and stuff like that. If I make promises to my audience, I will be obligated to keep them.

Step 4: Profit. I don’t mean monetary profit, although that would be really cool. I mean that I will have a cool, regularly updated blog about me and my Highly Interesting Thoughts that you all Definitely Want To Read About, which will look very nice on my resume and enable me to maybe get a job that will pay bills. Because as lovely as writing is, I cannot immediately make a living as a best-selling fantasy novelist. I need a day job until Tor or Del Rey is able to take a look at my work and say, “Wow, this doesn’t suck. Let’s publish it!”

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this, and it will not be terrible. Until next time.

If you’re looking forward to seeing this blog in the future, consider following. If you want to see Occasional Pictures of My Face and Food I Have Made, you can follow me on Instagram at hypotheticalelephants. If you want to see me being a Whiny, Immature Human, you can follow me on Twitter at sadINFJwriter.



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